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About the BBS Brinkstrasse
About the BBS Brinkstrasse

About the Vocational College BBS Brinkstrasse, Osnabrück, Germany (EN)

The BBS (Berufsbildende Schule, or Vocational College) Brinkstrasse in Osnabrück educates many students from the surrounding region who attend the Vocational College or the Vocational Secondary School.

In preparation for an apprenticeship, students can attend the Vocational Training College, which offers courses at level 2 and 3.

Any young person learning a craft or trade usually does so under the dual system of vocational education and training. This means that students gain hands-on experience by completing an apprenticeship at a company and attending the part-time vocational college. The employer provides the apprentice with practical training. In the part-time vocational college students learn the theoretical aspects of their trade and also have the opportunity to learn hands-on with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

In the dual system, students can complete a level 2 or 3 apprenticeship in: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, mechatronics, automotive technology, supply engineering or natural science.

Some students attend the Technical College in order to prepare themselves for University (equivalent to level 4)

Students may also choose to attend the Vocational Secondary School (Technisches Gymnasium) provides students with the necessary qualifications to study at a university (Hochschulreife, equivalent to level 4 European qualifications). Students attend the Vocational Secondary School for 3 years. Here, students can specialise in technology subjects such as IT, Mechatronics, Metal Technology, Design and Media Technology.

The workshops and teaching laboratories are continuously replenished with up-to-date equipment. Our teachers regularly attend teachers’ training courses to keep up with the latest development in technology.

The number one objective of the educational process at BBS Brinkstrasse is to enable the students to meet the demands of the continuously changing working life and actively take part in the process of shaping society. Apart from the technical knowledge the highest-ranking skills are efficiency, teamwork-skills, the motivation to perform, self-reliance and the readiness to accept responsibility, and – last not least - communication skills. Hence, a typical timetable at vocational school will not only provide for technical knowledge and skills. Politics, German and English, physical training, religion or ethics are obligatory for all students. Whenever possible, students therefore learn in projects or learning arenas comparable to real working-life situations.

BBS Brinkstrasse International

The BBS Brinkstrasse is a certified ‘European School’ (Europaschule) which is proud to have 12 partner schools in over 13 different locations in and outside of Europe. Our students have the opportunity to participate in projects with international schools or even complete a work experience placement abroad with Erasmus+, either within Europe or worldwide. These placements can last from 6 weeks to up to 12 months and enable students to broaden their knowledge in their trade and experience a different country’s working culture and lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about our international projects and exchanges, please contact Günter Willmann (International Coordinator) or Zoe Chaffey (International Affairs Assistant).

International contact partners:

Günter Willmann
Head of Department
Mechatronics/Information Technology/
Foreign Languages/International Coordinator

E-Mail: willmann(at)

Zoe Chaffey

International Affairs Assistant/Foreign Languages

E-Mail: chaffey(at)