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Englisches Theater: An unusual theatre experience

Can a play be funny?

Read this article and find the answer for yourself.


On 24 January 24 an interactive play was performed by InterActing+ Theatre Company and students from the audience at BBS Pottgraben. The 11th grade students of TG BBS Brinkstraße (Technisches Gymnasium) were able to be a part of this unforgettable performance. The act was about an hour long.

But what exactly is an interactive play? An interactive theatre performance is not your regular theatre experience because the actors involve the audience into the act - in English.


The title of the play being "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster", of course Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were the main characters and once again Holmes found himself face to face with archenemy Professor Moriarty.


For all of us, the play was full of comedy and fun. The audience was in for a treat as they watched the actors pick random students to participate in the play for example to be a window or clock or taxi driver. The two professional actors were able to deliver the plot while improvising with students from the audience scene after scene in various funny costumes and to the sound effects provided by a third member of the company.

Overall, the interactive play was an hour filled with laughter and entertainment.  We recommend this play for everybody who wants to laugh and have fun in English, true to the motto of InterActing+ "Laugh while you learn".

(by Bruno and Tim, TG11A)