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Englisches Theater: Sherlock Holmes and a Performance FULL of Laughter

Everybody has heard of the grand detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson. And now a new and hilarious story featuring the great detective and his partner can be enjoyed in an interactive play worth experiencing. “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster” presented by InterActing+ Theatre Company offers students a fascinating play and opportunities for the audience to participate.


My class, the 11th grade class (TG11A) of Technisches Gymnasium at BBS Brinkstraße, was invited to watch and experience this funny play performed at BBS Pottgraben for about an hour on 24 January 24. None of the students involved who were picked to play a role had a script and were only given a few instructions by the actors which led to hilarious moments. For example a student was chosen to play an angry taxi driver and was just given a steering wheel as a prop.


The play begins at 221B Baker Street where Sherlock and Watson have just arrived after another case well done, when Sherlock tells Watson about an idea he had. Watson and the audience proceed to embark on a journey through London to the infamous lake Loch Ness. Following the arrival at the Loch Ness lake Sherlock learns about a horrifying truth about his partner Watson and arch enemy Professor Moriarty.


Personally I didn’t have high expectations, as did many in my class. But we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and entertainment factor of the play. With its rather simple stage setting in a classroom and its few and funny props many of us were thrilled by the end what good acting can do.


In conclusion, it was an amazing performance and play at BBS Pottgraben. The interaction with the student and the creativity of InterActing+ made this a fun experience and lasting memory. The dedication and passion the actors showed made the story telling truly special and if you are given the chance to participate in an interactive play it is only elementary, as Sherlock always says, to take it.

(by Alina und Elina, TG11A)